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In an age where financial independence is highly sought after, this can be achieved faster beyond your imagination with the right strategies. This eBook is the ultimate guide to make money as a graphic designer.

The graphics design industry comprises of both large national and multinational firms and also freelance graphic designers. It has low barriers to entry and no companies has a dominant market share.The world of graphics designing is a magical place, full of fun and creativity but it takes much courage to make great progress.

Behind every successful brand, both small and large, the industry serves as a strong pillar. The brains in this industry make it possible for one to fall in love with a bottle of soda and sugar syrup, a toothbrush or whatever needs to be sold. It pulls in big contracts! For example, a brand could spend close to $600 million but it takes enough dollars to keep its consumer base and attract more!

This book is the ultimate guide to hit the perfect jackpot!

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13 Creative Design Secrets

When design principles are applied to strategy and innovation the success rate for innovation dramatically improves. Great design has that “wow” factor that makes products more desirable and services more appealing to users. Unleash your creativity with 13 creative design secrets.

9 Secret Marketing Applications

A thing the 1% Graphic Designers Do That the 99% Don’t is “ Effective Marketing”. They know the secrets & tools that 99% graphic designers don't know. Proper marketing means your business creates sales. It is an investment that gives you phenomenal return, not an expense that withers away.

Case Studies

The world of graphics designing is a magical place, full of fun and creativity but it takes much courage to make great progress. Learn about most successful graphic designers and know how they managed to defy the odds and turn their ideas into a million dollars.

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35 Email Templates – Stolen Straight from the Expert’s Outboxes.


Beginners Guide to Growth Hacking.


Millionaire Marketing Formulas


Money Making Sales & Pitch Letters for Busy People.


3000+ Leads of Investment Firms & Funding Groups.

What Do People Say About The eBook?

Actionable Steps, Well Written and a Quick Read With So Much Packed In!
If you are starting a graphic design business or looking to grow one,
this book should be at the top of a required reading list.

Maria Grønlund
Graphic Designer

This book is amazing! I read and implemented it on my website
in a one weekend, sent out an email to my list, and saw an immediate
increase in open rates, click through rates, and sales conversions.
The marketing info is fantastic.

Juri Zaech
Art Director

Here is a book that delivers what it promises! This book is such a
great resource of information on money making websites, creative thinking,
case studies & marketing tools.

Luisa Rivera
Graphic Artist

This ebook is outstanding! I'd recommend this to anyone who is serious about making money with graphic design. This ebook has tons of great info and I love the way it's presented.

Yurko Gutsulyak
Graphic Designer

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